Ya somos dos? (2024)

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Ya somos dos?

Translation of "somos dos" in English. we are two we're two makes two there are two there's two we're both two of us.

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What does somos dos mean?

Translation of "somos dos" in English. we are two we're two makes two there are two there's two we're both two of us.

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What does Dos Mas Dos mean?

Dos más Dos (literally: "two plus two") is the informal term applied to a demagogic formula, fashioned by the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) political party in Dominican Republic.

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What is dos hermanos mean?

History. The city's name, which means "two sisters", dates from its founding in 1248 by King Ferdinand III of Castile and honours Elvira and Estefanía Nazareno, the two sisters of Gonzalo Nazareno, one of the king's principal military commanders. For this reason natives of Dos Hermanas are called nazarenos/as.

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What does dos padres mean?

Translation of "dos padres" in English. two parents both parents two fathers two-parent two dads.

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How do you say OK in Mexican slang?


There's no literal translation for órale in English. Instead, it can mean one of a few different expressions, such as: “o*kay”

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What does Bichi mean in Mexican slang?

(very informal) adjective (Mexico) naked ⧫ starkers (very informal)

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What does dos conejos mean?

As some of you know, our company started life last July as “Dos Conejos,” which, in Spanish, means “two rabbits.” This name was derived from an Aztec myth that Alex had once heard whilst running Bar Sublime in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

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What does sur le dos mean?

sur le dos on one's back. de dos from the back ⧫ from behind.

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What is dos dias?

Translation of "dos días" in English. Noun Adjective. two days.

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How do you say B * * * * in Mexican?

How do you say "bitch" in Spanish? - It could be "perra", "cabrona", or "zorra."¿Cómo se dice "bitch" en español? - Podría ser "perra", "cabrona" o "zorra".

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What does mo cha cha mean in Spanish?

noun. mu·​cha·​cha. müˈchächə plural -s. chiefly Southwest : a young woman : girl.

Ya somos dos? (2024)
What does Bon Dia mean in Mexico?

good morning; good day.

What does Yo soy su padre mean?

I am your father I'm your father.

What does dos pueblos mean?

“Dos Pueblos,” meaning “Two Villages,” was named by Juan Cabrillo, who landed along this stretch of coastline in 1542, where the Mikiw and Kutamu tribes had settled on both sides of the canyon.

What does que padre mean in mexican slang?

1) Describing something cool as being 'so father'!

countless times, meaning '(that's) so cool! '. In Mexico, the phrase ¡Qué padre! is used instead, which literally means '(that's) so father! '.

What is slang for trashy Mexican?

Naco (fem. naca) is a pejorative word often used in Mexican Spanish that may be translated into English as "low-class", "uncultured", "vulgar" or "uncivilized ".

Why do Mexicans say olé?

Olé is a Spanish interjection used to cheer on or praise a performance commonly used in bullfighting and flamenco dance. In flamenco music and dance, shouts of "olé" often accompany the dancer during and at the end of the performance, and a singer in cante jondo may emphasize the word "olé" with melismatic turns.

What is slang for Mexican diarrhea?

Montezuma's Revenge is diarrhea that is usually experienced by people traveling south of the U.S. border, especially to Mexico and Central America – hence the dramatic name.

What does chota mean in Mexican slang?

small, lesser, or minor.

What does K Chulo mean?

Beyond chulo or chula on their own, it is very common to add qué in Spanish to intensify their meaning: qué chulo or qué chula, meaning how pretty or how cool. This expression is a great way to hype your friends up with some compliments!

What is slang for Mexican girl?

Instead of using muchacho or muchacha or niño or niña, try out the Mexican slang term for “boy” or “girl,” which is chango or changa.

What does Conejo Malo mean?

bad bunny. conejo malo. bad bunny. Y el conejo malo le quitó su zanahoria al conejo bueno, pero luego se arrepintió y se la devolvió.

What is todos los dias?

todos los días → all the days. cada día → each day.

What does Todos Los mean?

todos los, (cadatodo) each, Mod. every, Adj. any, Mod. all, Mod.

How do you reply to Bien Sur?

Bien sûr can be followed by que oui to be even more emphatic ("of course yes") or que non ("of course not"): Tu le veux ? >

What does sur quoi mean?

For example: “avec quoi” (with what), “sur quoi” (on what).

What does revenir sur mean?

revenir sur ses pas v—

backtrack v. turn back v.

What is Setenta Y DOS?

setenta y dos. seventy-two (72)

What does da Dios mean?

English Translation. of God. More meanings for de dios. divine adjective.

Is it Buenos días or Dais?

Good morning is buenos días. This directly translates to “good days.” If you're wondering why you would use plurals, it's kind of a long story. The most accepted version is that it used to stand for “buenos días os dé Dios,” which translates to “may God bless you with good days.”

Does punta mean the b word?

No, punto is a general point, and punta is the tip (of a knife etc) and not the word that is "worse than the b word" and even that word has it's uses. La punta aguda = the sharp tip (of a knife etc) updated NOV 29, 2011. posted by jeezzle. Perfect! -

What is the Spanish slang for OK?

2. Vale. This is the informal version of “de acuerdo” (all right/ok), and it's extremely common Spanish slang. This is probably the first Spanish slang expression you'll hear repeatedly and you can use it in many situations.

What is the Mexican slang for friend?

Cuate, Compa, Cabrón & Carnal

Cuate is slang for 'friend', as is compa, carnal and cabrón. They tend to be used to varying degrees depending which part of Mexico you're in, and cabrón can also be used as an insult at times.

What is muchacho Chico?

When referring to adolescents or teenagers, muchacho/a can usually be used interchangeably with chico/a. In most areas it isn't used often when referring to younger children. Muchacho/a can also be used to refer to a young servant or maid.

How do Mexicans say I love you?

I love you in Spanish is te amo. This is the most direct translation of “I love you” there is.

How do you say bye bye in Mexico?

Adiós. / “Goodbye.”

How to respond to De donde soy yo?

Pronounced: day-dohn-day-air-es. This phrase means “where are you from?” The correct response when somebody asks you “de donde eres” is “yo soy de [insert your answer].” Pronounced: yo-soy-day [insert your answer].

What is soy mi amor?

Yo soy mi amor | Spanish Translator. yo soy mi amor. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I am my love.

What does soy tu ano mean?

The third set of the series, the most popular one, was dubbed "Soy tu ano" ("I'm your anus").

What does cha mean in mexican?

Meanings of "¡cha!" in English Spanish Dictionary : 3 result(s)
1Generalyou can do it, pull yourself up!
2Colloquialno way!
3 more rows

What is sober in Spanish Mexico?

sober → sobrio, sereno. sober → sobrio.

What is Spanish DOS?

two; → dos; numeral.

Is La Neta a bad word?

' A commonly used term in Mexican slang, neta translates roughly to 'truth' or 'really?! ' when used as an exclamatory. Say someone gives you some really great gossip; a wide-eyed ¿neta?

What is no manches?

"No Manches!", which literally translates to "Don't Stain!", is arguably the most popular slang phrase used in Mexico. The phrase derived from "No Mames!," which translates to "Don't Suck!," and "No Manches!" evolved as a more mellow way of saying the same thing.

What is the most Mexican thing to say?

Most Common Mexican Slang Words:
  • ¡Aguas!: Watch out!
  • Sale: Alright.
  • Chido: Awesome.
  • Padre: Cool.
  • Ándale: Come on.
  • Avísame: Let me know!
  • Órale: All right.
  • Porfis: Please.

What does somos stand for Spanish?

The word “somos” means “we are” in Spanish.

What is the meaning of sober in Spanish?

[ˈsəʊbəʳ ] adjective. 1. (= not drunk) sobrio. to stay sober mantenerse sobrio.

What does dos tacos mean?

Dos Tacos means 'two tacos' in Spanish, one taco stands for the superb taste, and the other stands for the healthiness. Keep both hands full of tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, salads, chimichangas, and flautas.

How do you use somos in a sentence?

Spanish Sentences using somos
  1. Somos dos. There are two of us.
  2. Nosotras no somos rubias. We are not blonde.
  3. Somos muy amigos. We are good friends.
  4. Somos una pareja. We are a couple.
  5. Nosotros no somos maestros. We are not teachers.
  6. Nosotros somos meseros. ...
  7. Nosotros somos de Alemania. ...
  8. Nosotros somos bomberos.

What pronoun is somos?

Free Spanish Grammar Lesson
PronounPresent Tense Verb Form
Él, Ella, Ustedes
Nosotros, Nosotrassomos
Vosotros, vosotrassois
Ellos, Ellas, Ustedesson
2 more rows

What is Pasiva in Spanish slang?

A monetary debt or obligation of future services.

What is DOS and DOS?

archaic. : back to back. passing dos-à-dos in a quadrille.

What is dos pesos?

Translation of "dos pesos" in English. two weights two pesos.

What is Spanish slang for booze?

Bebida means alcohol or booze. Use “resaca” to mean the morning after, or its hangover — more precisely. In other words, having a drink in Spain is a great way to learn many new terms.

How do you say get drunk in Spanish slang?

Ponerse una peda/jarra (to get drunk)

What is the Spanish verb for drinking?

To talk about this in Spanish, we need the verb beber (pronounced: beh-BEHR), which means 'to drink'.

What do Mexicans call hard tacos?

Hard shell tacos are sometimes known as tacos dorados ("golden tacos") in Spanish, a name that they share with taquitos, a similar dish.

What is a taco female slang?

(US, slang) The vulva.

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