Why is somara theodore leaving today show? (2024)

Why is Somara Theodore leaving?

Somara Theodore is moving from local to national news — leaving Washington D.C.'s NBC station WRC-TV to join ABC News as a meteorologist based in New York, reports TVNewser.

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Who is going to replace Al Roker?

Typically, Dylan Dreyer fills in for Al, but she is also heading to the West Coast with her husband, Brian Fichera.

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Is Somara Theodore replacing Al Roker?

Somara Theodore is a meteorologist at WRC-TV in Washington DC who is filling in for Al Roker on The Today Show. She also works as the weather presenter at NBC's Weekend Today. The popular host also worked in Georgia, and won an Emmy during her time in Ohio.

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Who is somara theodore?

Somara Theodore - Weekend Meteorologist - NBC 4 Washington Brand Studio | LinkedIn.

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Where is Anne Campolongo going?

Anne is the newest meteorologist to KCCI Stormteam 8. She joins the team from Portland, OR where she forecasted for the last three years.

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Where is Anne Campolongo now?

Hi! I'm Anne, a broadcast meteorologist currently working in Des Moines, Iowa. I graduated with a dual major of broadcast journalism and meteorology from Ohio University in April of 2016. Upon graduation, I packed up my belongings and made the 4 day trek from Cincinnati, Ohio out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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Where is somara from today show going?

In this new role at ABC News, Theodore will serve as the network's third New York-based meteorologist, working alongside chief meteorologist and managing editor of ABC News' climate unit Ginger Zee and senior meteorologist Rob Marciano.

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Who will replace Al Roker when he retires?

Inside the life of Al Roker's Today Show replacement Somara Theodore.

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What is Dylan Dreyer salary?

Dylan is reportedly bringing in an estimated $2 million salary. As a Today anchor and NBC News correspondent, Dylan has covered a number of natural disasters, historic events and several Olympic games. She launched her incredibly successful children's book series, Misty the Cloud, in 2021.

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Who is the temporary meteorologist on the Today show?

The NBC show had a new friendly face bringing viewers the weather and she took her spot alongside Al Roker. Share this: Dylan Dreyer may want to watch her back because Today just got a new meteorologist - and fans love her.

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How is Al Roker doing TODAY?

But these days, after he endured a seven-hour surgery and two stays in the hospital to treat the issues, Al is doing well and back on TODAY. For now, he's doing physical therapy almost every day to rebuild his strength, and he's still taking blood thinners.

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Is Angie Lassman married?

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Vangel Angie Lassman is married!

Why is somara theodore leaving today show? (2024)
What happened to Jessica Faith?

Jessica Faith, Pittsburgh's first Black woman TV meteorologist, leaving WPXI-TV for job in Washington, D.C. - Pittsburgh Union Progress.

Who is the morning weather girl on WRAL?

Professional Experience: Immediately before coming to WRAL, I worked as a meteorologist at WAFF-48 News in Huntsville, AL.

Who is the new weather girl on Good Morning America?

Longtime host Ginger Zee announced that the weather team – which she has led for several years as chief meteorologist for ABC News – has been joined by Somara Theodore.

Who is leaving the KCCI anchor?


Steve Karlin is retiring after 34 years with KCCI. On Wednesday, some familiar faces from over the years wished him farewell.

Where did Heather Waldman go?

Meteorologist Heather Waldman joined the KCRA 3 team after spending her entire life living and working on the East Coast.

Who is the new meteorologist at KCCI?

Meteorologist Zane Satre joins KCCI Storm Team 8 from WHBF-TV in the Quad Cities. Satre is a central Iowa native and grew up watching KCCI in his hometown of Ogden. He graduated from Iowa State University and is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with the American Meteorological Society.

Where is Jason Sydejko now?

I am the Morning Meteorologist at KCCI 8 in Des Moines, IA.

Where did Cassie Heiter go?

Cassie currently works at KWTV

Her move to Oklahoma was inspired by her search for green pastures, leaving her position at WQAD in 2014.

Who is the meteorologist for Channel 13 in Seattle?

Lisa Villegas is Chief Meteorologist at FOX 13 News.

Is Amelia on NBC4 weather pregnant?

Storm Team4's Amelia Draper Is Expecting Her First Child. Yes, that is a bump you see when Amelia Draper gives the forecast. She finally announced the good news on-air.

Where is meteorologist Bree Guy?

Bree Guy joined the 13 First Alert Weather Team in January of 2021. She came to us from WJAC-TV in Johnstown, PA where she worked as the Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter.

Is Kelly Bates leaving Wjar?

Kelly Bates, the long-time WJAR-10 meteorologist who parted with the station over a contract dispute last September, is joining WLNE-6 as the weekend meteorologist and science reporter, according to a Facebook post by Bates and news release from WLNE.

Has the weather girl on Channel 9 had her baby?

9NEWS meteorologist Danielle Grant and family welcome baby girl.

Who is the pregnant girl on the weather Channel?

Molly McCollum (@wxmolly) • Instagram photos and videos.

Does Amelia Draper still work for NBC4?

Amelia Draper is a meteorologist with Storm Team4. Her forecasts can be seen during the midday and evening editions of News4 and on NBC Washington digital properties. She joined News4 in March 2013.

How old is Doug Kammerer?

Is Terri DeBoer a meteorologist?

Terri DeBoer is a meteorologist for WOOD-TV, wife, mother of three and local author.

Where did Madi Baggett go?

Madi is a meteorologist for Severe Weather Center 9 who joined the team in January 2023.

Where is Kristina Shalhoup now?

Kristina Shalhoup is a Senior On-Air Meteorologist for the AccuWeather Network.

What ever happened to Kelly Bates?

On Thursday, Bates took to Twitter and announced the big news that she is now the lead meteorologist for the station. "Hey everyone! I realized I forgot to tell you I'm now on weeknights at 4,5,6 & 11 on @ABC6#movingonup," she Tweeted. Bates' promotion is just part of the ongoing shakeup at ABC6.

What is Kelly Bates new job?

Two-time Emmy nominated meteorologist Kelly Bates joins the ABC 6 StormTrackers team as weekend weather forecaster. “We are thrilled to have Kelly join the WLNE family and are looking forward to bringing her familiar face back into the homes of Southern New Englanders,” said WLNE General Manager Alex Wolf.

Who left WJAR 10?

Another high profile WJAR personality is leaving Channel 10. News reporter Tony Gugliotta joins weatherman Zach Green and long-time morning host Frank Coletta in the exodus from the local station over the past six weeks.

Is Lacey Swope a meteorologist?

Morning meteorologist at News9 in OKC 🌪⛈❄️☀️🌈 💙Lover of the outdoors 🦌🦃🐾

Did Katie Donovan have a baby?

🌸 Magnolia Marie was born yesterday at 9:59 a.m.. She is 7lbs and 9oz of snuggles.

What is Becky Ditchfield doing now?

I'm looking into things like video coaching, specifically with real estate agents, and possibly producing some weather stories that I'm still interested in." In the meantime, Ditchfield says, she's "grateful for every experience I have had at 9News, the good and the bad!

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