How long is some like it hot on broadway? (2024)

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How long is some like it hot on broadway?

Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission.

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What age is appropriate for Some Like It Hot Broadway?

About the Show

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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How long are Broadway plays?

A Broadway musical usually lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours.

It is divided into acts and there are breaks in between, so you can go out to the restroom and stretch your legs without missing a minute of the show.

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How long is the break in Broadway?

Most Broadway shows with a running time that exceeds 90 minutes will include an intermission. Intermissions can be anywhere from 10-20 minutes, with 15-minute breaks being by far the most common.

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What is the longest Broadway show in minutes?

If you are asking “how long am I in the theatre for a performance?” then according to this website: “Before cuts were implemented in the original run (in order to save paying overtime to crew/musicians), Les Miz ran 3 hours 20 min.”

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Why was some like it hot banned?

The film was produced without approval from the Motion Picture Production Code (Hays Code) because it features LGBT-related themes, including cross-dressing.

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Is High School Musical OK for 11 year olds?

High School Musical is a family-friendly musical aimed at pre-teen audiences. The movie is filled with positive messages about friendship and being true to yourself. Although the plot is fairly simple, the catchy songs, upbeat dance sequences and portrayal of young romance will engage viewers.

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How much do Broadway actors get paid?

How much does a Broadway Actor make in New York? The average Broadway Actor salary in New York is $71,549 as of May 01, 2023, but the range typically falls between $58,961 and $87,358.

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What do I wear to a Broadway show?

You are free to wear almost anything you want. (See What Not To Wear below). At Broadway theaters, you'll see women in classic co*cktail dresses and heels, as well as women who wear jeans, t-shirts, and casual shoes. It's the same case for men.

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What are the 3 longest running Broadway shows?

Longest Running Broadway Shows
  • The Phantom of the Opera: 13,981 performances (Opened January 26, 1988, and closed April 16, 2023)
  • Chicago (1996 revival): 10,329 (Opened November 14, 1996)
  • The Lion King: 9,944 (Opened November 13, 1997)
  • Wicked: 7,485 (Opened October 30, 2003)
Apr 17, 2023

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Can I bring water to Broadway show?

You are allowed to drink water, soft drinks, or alcoholic drinks that are purchased at the venue. Certain venues allow audiences to bring their own sealed refreshments, but many Broadway theatres do not.

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Are backpacks allowed in Broadway shows?

You can bring backpacks to a Broadway theatre but make sure they're not too big. You'll need to stash them away at the counter.

How long is some like it hot on broadway? (2024)
Can I bring a purse to Broadway?

Note: All Broadway and most off Broadway theatres will search large bags and purses as you enter the building (before they scan your ticket). Make sure that you have them open and ready for inspection.

What is the shortest Broadway show?

No.TitleClosing date
1.A Teaspoon Every Four HoursJune 14, 1969
1.BillyMarch 22, 1969
1.Blood Red RosesMarch 22, 1970
1.Break a LegApril 29, 1979
62 more rows

What was the shortest time on Broadway?

What is the shortest running Broadway musical? - Quora. The shortest was Rainbow Jones, which had 3 previews and one performance, on February 13, 1974 at the Music Box Theatre.

What is the #1 iconic Broadway musical?

1 – The Phantom of the Opera

And as the longest-standing performance on Broadway, EVER, the illustrious Phantom of the Opera is iconic to say the least.

What songs are banned in the US?

The greatest banned songs of all time – ranked!
  1. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Relax (1984)
  2. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Je T'aime ... ...
  3. Donna Summer. Love to Love You Baby (1975) ...
  4. Loretta Lynn. The Pill (1975) ...
  5. George Michael. I Want Your Sex (1987) ...
  6. Billie Holiday. Strange Fruit (1939) ...
  7. Madonna. Justify My Love (1990) ...
  8. Queen. ...
Feb 14, 2019

Is Some Like It Hot Broadway good?

Some Like It Hot is a terrifically entertaining — and thoroughly modern — reinvention of the classic Hollywood comedy.

What is the message in Some Like It Hot?

Some Like it Hot put society to the test and challenged moral complacency. The movie hints at hom*osexuality, studies the male gaze, speaks to female objectification and misogyny, and condemns male insensitivity.

Can a 9 year old watch six the musical?

SIX is recommended for ages 10 & up.

What age is appropriate for music?

In summary, there are three answers to the question, “What age should children begin music lessons?” Informal activities with music should start soon after birth, followed by more systematic classes around age three, and lessons with the goal of learning the instrument should start between six and nine.

Do they swear in Hsmtmts?

It's mild enough for older tweens, with romantic content limited to kissing and innocent comments about being "in love." Very rarely, words like "crap" are said, and a bleeped curse is used for comedic effect.

Who is the highest paid Broadway?

Right now the highest-paid performer on Broadway is Richard Chamberlain, who is playing Captain von Trapp in 'The Sound of Music.” The actor, production sources say, pulls down about $50,000 a week.

Who is the richest person on Broadway?

Million Dollar Curtain Calls: Broadway's Wealthiest Stars
  • 4 Lin-Manuel Miranda - $80 million.
  • 3 Angela Lansbury - $70 million.
  • 2 Bernadette Peters - $40 million.
  • 1 Julia Andrews - $30 million.
Jul 18, 2021

How many hours do Broadway actors work?

Answer: A typical Broadway show rehearses six days a week for eight hours a day — from around 10 AM-6 PM. The actors work for seven of those hours, and the rest is breaks.

Are jeans OK to wear to Broadway?

Both formal and informal clothing is accepted. From casual t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops to a co*cktail dress or tuxedo, the spectrum of audience style is so broad that there is no specific dress code.

Can you be late to a Broadway show?

Always arrive at the theatre before curtain time. While many shows do allow seating for latecomers, some cannot.

Do you dress fancy for Broadway?

When it comes to what to wear to a Broadway Show, most people are worried about whether or not formal clothes are required. In short, the answer is no, formal wear is not required. Whilst it can be lovely to dress up for the theater, especially Broadway, formal clothing isn't expected or required for entrance.

What is the most popular Broadway musical?

The Lion King sits at the top, with a Broadway gross of $1.8 billion. Dates refer to original Broadway productions, with notes added for future productions that outran the Broadway run. Background shading indicates shows running in the week commencing 26 May 2023 in Broadway theatres. Ref.

What musical made the most money?

The Lion King is the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time. Since its opening on Nov. 13, 1997, The Lion King has earned $1,539,318,552 and counting.

What is the longest running straight play on Broadway?

1The Phantom of the Opera13,981
2Chicago (1996 revival)10,377
3The Lion King9,993
49 more rows

How early should I arrive to Broadway show?

Arriving 15 minutes prior to curtain should be sufficient to find your seat, use the restroom, and peruse your playbill.

Can you leave a Broadway show early?

There is no law against walking out the door during intermission, but it can be a dilemma. You're at a concert or a play and for whatever reason decide you don't really want to go back for the second half of the performance. If enough people think the same thing, it can mean a lot of empty seats after the break.

What snacks can you have at Broadway shows?

Most Broadway theaters do allow food at your seat (meaning snacks, not, say, a large pizza), but most Off-Broadway theaters do not (except in the lobby). Both Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters usually sell concessions, though security probably won't stop you from bringing a candy bar in your purse.

What is the best day to see a Broadway show?

New York City Audience Preferences

Manhattanites, on the other hand, favor weeknights for attending Broadway theater. Thursday night performances are the most desired, followed by Tuesday nights. Oddly enough, Wednesday night is relegated to fifth place, with Friday night taking third and Saturday night fourth.

Can you take pictures at a Broadway show?

Every theatregoer is familiar with the pre-show announcement that the "taking of photographs and use of recording devices" is forbidden by law. This is owing to various union rules concerning the safety of the actors, as well as intellectual property issues with regard to the shows' creators.

What size bag can you bring into a Broadway show?

Security Protocols

Bag Policy: No bags larger then 10x10x10 will be permitted in the theatre, including suitcases, backpacks and large purses.

Do Broadway shows have a dress code?


The Broadway show dress code is that there is no Broadway show dress code. During the summer months, it's common to see people in shorts and T-shirts (but no flip-flops, please), and even jeans pass as perfectly suitable attire for an evening show.

Can I wear a polo shirt to a Broadway show?

Create a classic look with khaki pants and a polo.

This is perfectly acceptable for Broadway, and you'll feel comfortable throughout the entire show. To make sure your outfit errs on the side of casual-but-not-too-casual, check that your shirt and pants fit well and are stain and wrinkle-free.

What happens when a show closes on Broadway?

It goes to a touring company , who takes the show on the road to major cities around the country. These usually appear in large theaters that are capable of roughly reproducing the effect of a proper Broadway stage, though they rarely have the star power of the original Broadway production.

What was the least successful Broadway show?

On Broadway Apr 1988 - May 1988

The musical adaptation of Carrie is perhaps the most infamous failure in Broadway history. The show was such a failure that books have been written about just how terrible Carrie was. The musical was adapted from Steven King's hom*onymous novel, and the classic horror film that followed.

Do Broadway actors do 8 shows a week?

Most Broadway shows perform six days a week, with eight performances total per week. Typically, Broadway shows have performances Tuesday through Sunday, with no performances on Monday. There are usually two performances — a matinee and an evening show — on Wednesday and Saturday.

What is the longest musical show?

1. “The Phantom of the Opera” A worldwide phenomenon and Broadway's longest running musical, “The Phantom of the Opera” opened in 1988 to rave reviews and multiple awards, and has stood the test of time ever since.

How late do Broadway shows usually start?

On occasion, especially if the play is really long, performances will start earlier than the standard 8pm curtain, usually at 7 or 7:30pm.

What is the fastest song in Broadway history?

The fastest song in Broadway history is "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top," from the musical "Follies." The song is sung by a chorus of singers, and takes about three minutes and 15 seconds to sing. The fastest song in Broadway history belongs to "A Chorus Line," which takes five minutes and 30 seconds to sing.

What off Broadway musical lasted the longest?

The show's original off-Broadway production ran a total of 42 years (until 2002) and 17,162 performances, making it the world's longest-running musical. The musical was produced by Lore Noto. It was awarded Tony Honors for Excellence in Theatre in 1991.

What was the first Broadway hit?

The first theatre piece that conforms to the modern conception of a musical, adding dance and original music that helped to tell the story, is considered to be The Black Crook, which premiered in New York on September 12, 1866.

Who was the first Broadway star?

Though George M. Cohan (1878–1942) self-deprecatingly dismissed himself as “just a song and dance man,” he was Broadway's first superstar and arguably the greatest song and dance man in American history. He appeared in more than thirty Broadway musicals.

What is almost famous on Broadway?

Almost Famous is a 2019 stage musical with music by Tom Kitt, lyrics by Cameron Crowe and Kitt, and a book by Crowe. It is based on the 2000 film of the same name written and directed by Crowe.

Is Mean Girls on Broadway appropriate for 12 year old?

MEAN GIRLS is recommend for ages 10+. Includes some mature content. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

Is Wicked appropriate for a 7 year old?

So what parts of the show might not be suitable? The Wicked box office advises that the show isn't suitable for children under the age of 7, and those under 3 will not be allowed in to the theatre. There's no bad language, stark violence or overt sexual activity. But there are some scary moments – and some sad moments.

Is Book of Mormon ok for 13 year old?

What age is The Book Of Mormon appropriate for? The Book Of Mormon contains explicit language and adult topics. Parental guidance is strongly advised. All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by and sat next to the accompanying adult.

Is Mean Girls the musical appropriate for a 12 year old?

For parents thinking about taking their kids along to the show, we recommend Mean Girls for ages 12 and older. There is a lot of crude humor similar to the movie with the mention of sex, alcohol and drugs. It's a story about high school, after all!

Is Six on Broadway appropriate for 10 year olds?

What are the age restrictions for the show? The show is recommended for ages 10 & up. Children under 5 are not permitted in the theatre but Don't Lose Ur Head, we love our Queens of all ages!

Is Six the musical appropriate for an 11 year old?

SIX is recommended for ages 10 & up. The age recommendation is there for guidance only, with any younger patrons attending at the discretion of accompanying adults but must have a ticket and be able to sit unsupported in a seat, accompanied by an adult.

Is New Girl appropriate for 15 year olds?

Parents need to know that New Girl is a heartwarming sitcom that has mature sexual content, including references to exotic dancing, having sex, and infidelity. Cast members are shown partially dressed, in their underwear, and implied to be naked (but there's no nudity).

Is Moulin Rouge suitable for a 10 year old?

Our show is for all ages. Children are accepted from age six (6) and must be accompanied by an adult.

Is something rotten musical appropriate for 10 year olds?

“Something Rotten!” is appropriate for audiences eight years and older.

Is Cats musical kid friendly?

AGES 10+ Energetic choreography, imaginative costumes, the unique cat make-up and an amazing set that takes up thå entire theatre help create a visually and musically spectacular experience for all ages.

What is the dating age for LDS?

The age of 16 simply means you can now begin dating when you feel ready, starting with group dates. “Do not date until you are at least 16 years old. Dating before then can lead to immorality, limit the number of other young people you meet, and deprive you of experiences that will help you choose an eternal partner.”

Do Mormons watch R rated movies?

The reel rule about R-rated movies

The counsel seems clear in some corners of Latter-day Saint culture: Faithful members don't — OK, shouldn't — watch R-rated movies. And while top church leaders have warned about such films, there is no general proscription against viewing them.

Can Mormons have kids?

From a young age, Mormon children are given responsibilities such as household duties and the tending of younger siblings. Mothers play a key role in their children's religious education, and parents who do not rear their children strictly according to Mormon gospel are condemned.

What age rating is legally blonde?

WAY too mature for the current 12yo rating

This should have been a hard pass until she is way older, even though I do love this movie.

Is my girl appropriate for a 10 year old?

During this film we see young Vada begin to grow up. Unfortunately, an unexpected death will either drive her back into her previous loneliness, or give her the strength to tell the ones she loves that she cares about them. We award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film for ages twelve and above.

Is Rock of Ages musical appropriate for 12 year olds?

Great music, but some scenes and the theme are not appropriate for younger teens. All "sex" scenes are clothes on, but they would definitely be uncomfortable to watch with younger teens.

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